fan thermostat switch on daily driver

ive got a berlingo 1.9 diesel 2000 plate

i done a drive last night for 15 minutes,stopped in a street for 15 minutes whilst i was on the fone then noticed the temperature gage was up about 3/4 of the way

today when i got to work i shorted out the 2 wires on the fan thermostat switch and the fan came on so all good there
looks like the fan switch is goosed
i had similar problems about 1.5 years ago,and i changed the fan switch but wasnt totally convinced it was working properly,the parts shop at that time (euro car parts) seemed not 100% sure if it was the correct parth they had
i went in today and asked the guy there the opening and closing temperatures of the fan switch
91 degrees closing and 93 degrees opening
does this sound about right ?

the main question is on your daily drivers how far does the temperature gague go up before the fan kicks in ?

thanks for the help

Unleaded burns at an optimum temp of 88 degrees, so a fan switch that operates 91-93 sounds about right. You’ve probably just been unlucky with the replacement part…or it was cheap for a reason? I’d suggest getting a main dealer part, it may cost a bit more but, if it lasts…

My fan kicks in just above mid way, no idea what temp it is tho when it comes on.