fao mark "mkid"


thats some shots of the bug when i picked it up so is now fully stripped out.

lothians lot: get your arses in ghia and give the man a hand getting a tow bar etc i need space for a buggy!

has mark bought another project? :think


this is the donor car for the rod.The roof , the upper door sections, also going to make use of the single piece windows , the front beam and any other good bits.
will pick it up soon man just need a hand , with a tow bar got use of an A frame so just need the tow car.

mkid i thought you said you were getting a tow bar fitted to your new work van ?

trying to talk my dad into it , its his van realy , seems abit of a battle of wills, he’s like “what do we need a tow bar for ?” i’m like " because ,just in case we need to trailer anything" lol , maybe talk him into it next week don’t know. ahhhhhhhhhhhh