few pics of my dads splitty1

heres a few pics of my dads splitty
he finally could be arsed getin out of storage for the summer.
he was like a kidd when i took him to pik it up haha (who can blame him)

cool bus

Yeah - sweet! :smiley:

cracking looking bus your dads got there pee j

Wish my pa had something like that!
Very nice bus.

yeh its a cool bus
hopefully it gets handed down.:think well for a small fee hehe
we now have 2 cabrios 1 bug and a splitty.not a bad collection

Sweet bus indeed!!!

“DrIvE It lIkE YoU sToLe It” is your tag-line Paul - why not indulge in a little prodigal theft in the meantime…? :slight_smile:

cause i value my arms and legs :axe

What are the seats? I might be needing some for a van I might be buying. I’ll need 3 across the front like that maybes.V nice bus btw

as far as i know they are volvo seats ???
seats dont have model numbers on them or codes do they???
there should be a way i could find out