Fire Extinguisher

Thinking about fitting one of these automatic fire extinguishers in the van’s engine bay. Any one have any experience of these and opinion /thoughts on which type/make I should think about?

Great idea to fit some fire suppression
I got the kit from a company called vw aircooled works,I done a bit research into what was on the market and watched some videos about them and I went for the vw aircooled works ones , it’s a gas filled extinguisher as opposed to powder - 2 bolts thro the rear parcel shelf above the engine bay and that’s it basically fitted - if your not taking any rear drawer unit out you could just use decent self tappers ,you do get a wiring kit for a dashboard or under dash led warning to say that it’s been activated which is a good idea - Ive not ran the wires yet - it works by just bolting it up without any of the dashboard indicators required
Cost around 200 pounds came with every fixing bolt and part needed and an electrical part with all the crimps n bits you need - well thought out- cost was around 200 pounds (I’d need to check)
Best thing Ive bought for the bus so far, piece of mind when driving,I think insurance company’s should insist there’s one fitted before they insure you