fitting new carb

anytips whenit comes to replacing my carb just stock for stock, cheers.

Make sure the gaskets are new / good condition!
Some coloured rubber / urethane style gaskets squish down a bit, and you don’t want any gasket intruding on the inner bore - totally flush is ideal. :slight_smile:

thanks alex, will be fitting a diffrent carb in the next few days, hoping this will fix my stalling problem. :smiley: .just been cleaning the replacement and looks good just hope it works.

So, it’s a used carb you’re replacing it with Mark - PICT 30 or 34 I assume?
Important to check the throttle spindle is good with no play in the shaft. If it’s at all loose, or petrol leaked out from there before, air will get sucked in when running and setting the idle will be damn tricky. Most other things like needle valve, pump diaphragm, jets and gaskets can be cured or replaced easily. I have a couple of spare original carbs and complete nos repair kits for them if you require… :slight_smile:

cheers alex , yeah its a used carb, i’m having to be cheap. will try it straight in if its in need of a rebiuld i’ll be keen to do a deal on the rebiuld kit dude. thanks again will keep you posted.

You may find the rear 13mm nut hard to remove. I use a 13mm c shaped spanner, with the edge shaved thin with a grinder so fit fits between the nut and the inlet manifold.

yeah it is alittle tricky getting at it ,cheers for the advise.