floor pan crack

I recently discovered that my floor pan had previously had a crack running from one side to the other. This is at the very front of the front floor well. This had been covered with a tar like substance underneath. This has left me in a dilemma. The body is otherwise okay. I don’t know if it would be feasible to replace or do a better repair of the floor pan or if this means the end of the road for this poor bug.
I would appreciate your views
Cheers in anticipation

Everything can be repaired on a Bug. Any photos of the damage?Presumably caused by corrosion, rather than collision?

tks for interest
I presume cause was just rust
In pictures this hopefully shows the rusty line from side to side plus a previous floor patch weld which is detaching-looks a bit narly

Floor pans are readily available and not too costly a repair. And going by that photo I’d say you need one!

I am restoring a bug and have the chassis off and have welded in one floorpan. You are welcome to come and see whats involved before you take it on.

Hi Crashbox
I would love to see what you have done with the floor pan. When would suit you best?

How about tomorrow, Saturday 17th? I will be messing around in my garage from mid morning into the afternoon.

I will e-mail you.

Looking at the photo, I would say that the crack is in the main spine of the chassis. If I am right its doomed.