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Just last month Volkswagen was rocked by allegations of high level corruption involving the supply of prostitutes to senior union officials. Now sources say the German car giant is set to capitalise on the recent scandal by making hookers available on the entire VW range. One well-placed Wolfsburg insider claims that the company will soon phase in a series of prozzie-related special offers for every car it sells. “Obviously the specification of the prostitute will vary according to the model in question,” our spy claims. “The entry level Polo will come with a very basic tart, probably quite young and inexperienced. Whereas at the other end of the scale Phaeton buyers can naturally expect a complete high class hooker that does kissing and can supply bondage gear”. Sniff Petrol also understand that, as is traditional with German cars, customers will be able to pay extra to improve the spec of their in-car slag. So, for example, a Golf buyer will be able to pay a premium to have their functional but slightly dispassionate Latvian hooker uprated to an adventurous Hamburg whore who will talk dirty and stuff. “This is an industry leading plan,” said another insider. “VW has long been ahead of the game for interior finish. Now we can also steal a march when it comes to happy finish”.
ERROR: Unfortunately the above article repeatedly contains reference to the standard fitment of “prostitutes”. This of course should have read “sat-nav”.

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