fuel gauge

right guys lets see who can work this one out

full tank of petrol gauge reads 1/2 full and will drop to empty as the car uses the petrol.

i have changed gauge and regulator and getting same result.

i have changed sender same result.

i have manually moved floats on sender to full posistion same result

if you touch both wires together that should go on sender nothing happens

if you swap wires over on sender gauge reads full on one sender and nothing on the other sender

thats 2 gauges and 2 regulators and 2 senders all with same results more or less,

any one any ideas then

i thought that if you touched the wires together the gauge should read full

i would try rewiring it to see if that makes a difference feed and earth. if its still the same then just throw a match at it

is that what you do in the cook

You are using a 1302 Tank unit? It has two floats and are they the right way round?

touching gauge wire to earth should show full tank

yip it does

Davey - 2006-07-26 11:06 PM

yip it does

Which means the gauge is working and the sender is to blame.

sorted now, i bent the sender