George clarkes amazing spaces

Im dying to watch George Clarke’s amazing spaces, but it’s on when I’m working. No probs i’ll catch it on 4od. NOPE. For some reason there not running it on the tv catchup site. What’s the deal. It’s really peeing me off as it looked like a good program for all us man cave enthusiasts. How can I watch it :think :rs

Hi Jim

Just watched it on 4OD, just did a search and s1e1 popped up.


I was that desperate to watch it, I didn’t realise you have to wait till the next day for it to upload on 4od. Was worth the wait though dancinnanagif.gif . Can’t wait to see how his caravan project comes along and what tiny things people are making in to living spaces.

Very cool program bowdown.gif

Lots of wee shots of vw buses tae dancinnanagif.gif

Now sky+'d :thumb:

Essential viewing - ta spotters! bowdown.gif