Glove Box - LHD free to a good home

Ordered a new glove box from Big Boys Toys for my RHD bug and they sent a LHD one. Phoned them up only to be told they do not sell RHD ones as all their stuff comes from the States! It’s not worth me sending it back as it cost just over a tenner and by the time I pay postage etc it would cost me more than it’s worth, so if any members could use it, I can bring it along to the cruise? Got the correct one from VW Heritage!

They’re a British company. I do hope that they made it clear that it was a LHD item on their website/catalogue!

I ordered it over the phone and said it was for a RHD bug, although maybe confused him by adding that it was for a South African import?? Still no excuses, I did say it was RHD so I’m not taking the blame for this one!

If they have made the mistake the should refund you the postage also, i bought a strut top repair panel and they sent wrong side. I sent it back and they refunded the postage and exchanged part.

Yeah, ur so right but to be honest I cant be bothered takin it to the post office and parcelling it all up! How lazy is that! They weren’t able to exchange it cos they don’t sell RHD ones anyway so it was just easier to get another from VW Heritage.

Cheers anyway!

Hi Gill,
I’m interested in the glovebox if you still have it?
Are you going to the blether on Wednesday?

Yeah sure Nick, I’ll bring it along. C U then :slight_smile: