Going to Mull on the weekend

Hi all,
Looking at going to Mull on the weekend. Any campsite suggestions. Spots to visit etc. Greatly appreciated. Taking the whole family.


Hi Simon,

The Kingdom Club new web site has a good link to camping information.


If you have the time, take the road west out of Tobermory and head round the top bit of Mull anti-clockwise. Superb scenery and a terrific beach at Calgary Bay. The last time I was there, someone was in the habit of putting flowers in the public toilets and phone box.
Fill up your tank in Oban before you cross, if you do find a petrol station on Mull it will be a bit pricey.
If you need something to fill in the time at Oban, the Sealife Centre (a few miles north) is good.
Ali Abbasi reckoned that the Balti House in Tobermory was one of the best around.
You could always go for a swim.

Our first camper was a 1975 Devon which we took to Mull. We camped on the beach at Fionphort (see piccy), the farmer charged £1 a night. We got woken in the early hours of the morning by sheep rubbing their horns on the bumpers. Water was available from a stand-pipe in the farm yard which was 20 feet away from a huge ram tethered on a 15 foot chain. The ram would charge and then upend itself at the last minute - quite disconcerting. Jen wouldn’t fetch the water!

When you come off the ferry in Mull, you’ll see shops n a pub in front of you, along the road to the left is a campsite (next to the police station) that I’d definately recommend to anyone going to Mull, the pub is ok for a drink & quite child friendly but to be honest I wouldn’t eat there again. There’s a petrol station just round the corner from the campsite, but as already said try to fill up on the mainland first. There’s a great pub in Tobermory, again child friendly & the food is excellent. it’s easy to spot as it’s the one set off the main street on it’s own & depending how old the children are they may recognise a few of the painted houses. :slight_smile:

If you have the time I’d suggest a visit to Iona, you’ll not be able to take the camper over but that’s no real big deal. There’s also Duart Castle just along the road from the campsite aswell where they filmed one of the Sean Connery movies (can’t remember which one). You can buy a book on the island which is a kinda mythical tour you drive round the island stopping here n there along the way. Quite an interesting way to spend a day. If I can find my copy I can either scan it for you or you’re welcome to come borrow it & the map of Mull & Iona I have with all the points of interest marked on it etc…

Have a great time n take loadsa pics!

Cheers everyone,

The mystery tour sound good. It sure will keep the kids busy. Looking on the Mull Tourism site there is a heap to do.


I was there last year with PiSH and we stayed at

David and Moira Gracie
Shieling Holidays
0168 081 2496
PA65 6AY

From the ferry, left on the A849 to Iona. After 400 metres, left again and follow the campsite signs out to the sea - only 800 metres in all.

Not a bad location cause its just by the ferry which is kind of halfway between Iona and Tobamoray.

It’s a nice place to stay. Don’t forget the midge spray.


The very same campsite I stayed at, real nice people that run it.

eft Saturday morning. A few mods to the neq lappy backet before we left. Drove to Lochaline via Bellshill (Glasgow) hoping to look at some flip down Tv’s…The guy was shut :frowning:

Finally made Lochaline and then took the Ferry to Fishnish. Stayed at Sheilings Campsite (Very clean and quiet).

Did Tobermoray and did the Belamory thing. Kids loved it. Bumped into a chap who had a T25 for 3 years and had not heard of 80-90. I duly set him right. Hopefully a new member soon.

Then to Calgary Bay planning to stay there for the night, but it was pouring down. So we continued around the coast and back to Craignure. Rain stopped after an hour of leaving Calgary Bay.

Caught the ferry to Oban and took in McCaigs Folly and then tootled back to Edinburgh. Spend the rest of the afternoon washing and plolishing Blue.

Overall we had a great time, but could have done with a week to see every thing. I see how you could.