Golf MK2 Resurrection

Hey guys,

Long time no post. It’s been 3 years since the Golf has been off the road and I’m finally getting to put it back into some kind of shape.

Just wanted to know if there’s any specific I need to look out for…? I’m definitely going to replace the battery as I’ve not even turned him over in that time.

I’ve replaced the radiator today as it was completely goosed, and there’s a couple of the hoses and pipes I need to replace (I already have the parts) but other than that, there’s not much else that looks that bad.

Any tips, greatly received…!



Check your brakes. The lack of use can cause the seals to fail ending up with either no resistance within the master cylinder or a leak at a wheel cylinder if it has them.
Also check the fuel lines. If it there is any of the standard braided hose, it can become brittle and end up leaking causing a fire risk.

If you have any issues with the master cylinder, I have a spare on the shelf that was destined for a 1300 Mk2 I had years ago. It depends on your engine size whether this will fit.

Hope this helps and Good Luck.

Perfect thanks for this. The floor under the car is perfectly dry and clean so looks like I’m clear on any leaks but I will check around the hosee and wheels anyway.

Cheers, appreciate the response.


I’d change the Oil as well. Probably do air filter as well. Don’t know what nasties have made a home in there whilst in hibernation. I would take off the plug leads and turn her over for a wee bit to get the oil around and oil pressure up.

Hey guys,

Well, after replacing the radiator, most of the coolant hoses and installing the new battery, he turned over a treat but 2 problems:

  • The back brakes seem to have seized as the brake lights are on constantly and the handbrake won’t engage (has been in the off position for 3 years)
  • The car will only continue if I keep the revs up. If I take my foot off, the car just dies

Any suggestions on either problem…?

Also have to replace the gear linkage rod as it snapped as I tried to engage gear for the first time. No big deal but highly annoying…!


Check the vac lines have not all disintegrated and cause a leak.
Rear brakes are notorious on mk2’s if its a gti (not specified?). The calipers seize and usually need replacing. You can do a mod that uses the better mk4 gti ones but you’d need to look into it as you need a conversion kit.
Brake light always on will be a knackered switch which is under dash at pedal box.

Vac lines…? The underneath of the car (garage floor) is clean and dry if that helps…? Even with engine running.

And no, it’s a Driver not a GTi. If it’s a faulty switch (it was only replace about 6 months before the car went off the road) how does this explain the handbrake problem…? Or is this the caliper issue you mention…?

Cheers for the reply.


Thought I would just finish this thread off now that he’s on the road again.

The drop in revs was caused by a blocked injector of some kind (can’t remember exactly what the guy said). But he just took it off, gave it a clean and voilà . All good.

Passenger steering rack end, 2 front steering arms and 2 brake pipes were needed for the MOT so it sailed through after this work.

£270 in total for all this work (including cost of MOT)…I think I got off very lightly indeed…!

Took him out for a spin at the weekend and blew the cobwebs off and reached 75mph no problems at all.

Just now needs a good tidy up, the bodywork needs a good scrub and polish and a few little extra bits to finish him off then hopefully that will be him for a while.

Thanks again for all your help. It really is appreciated…!