good garage for camper van work

hi i was recommended john forbes up at the meadows as a good specialist to do work on 1976 van. But don’t think he’s cheap. Does anyone know any others who are good in Edinburgh or surrounds? :wink:

heriothill garage in manderson street at the bottom of leith walk. good and fairly priced.


not in edinburgh but greg at bus stop ecosse is top man

for body work sam at PFP coachworks in Newtongrange (always busy though ask Mark)

a bit of a trek but greg at bus stop ecossejust outside glasgow is well recommended
bollocks too slow!!!

when we getting a spell checker on this site

also try Edinburgh sportscars in Dalkeith they are good will classics!!

Davey - 2006-09-24 9:04 PM

when we getting a spell checker on this site

from elsewhere but run it though your own spell checker, not a duff spelling in sight.

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It shows me strait a weigh

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It nose bee four two long
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Its rare lea ever wrong

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am shore your pleased two no
Its letter perfect awl the weigh
My chequer tolled me sew.