good insurance companies?

hi there,
can anywhere recommend good insurance providers for beetles? ie: cheap ones?
ta, fraser.

im insured through adrian flux for 5000miles a year on classic cover and its £178 including brekdown cover but i have since found out there are others cheaper R H insurance is under £100 and sunbeam direct do lot of cover and i will shop about when my current policy is up

you could also have a look in volksworld etc as you will find lots in there


Doesn’t the club get discount through certain insurance companies? I might be imagining this, maybe someone on the committee can confirm?

I used lancaster 100 ish for year!!! worth a look.

Regards Sam


I think you have the details. We used CIS for Blue. It was fairly reasonable and they were very easy to deal with.


The Club used to get discounted insurance throught the ABVWC but as this has not been used in 4 years we have discontinued our membership.


Thanks for the clarification Rob.


thanks everyone went with lancaster in the end…still quite expensive what with me being a young 'un (apparently) and with parking the car on the street…nevermind…ho hum…

so did you get a bug in the end?

hope to see you at the club


yes i have!
i bought the bug that ‘purple bug’ was selling through here…so there is a good chance that you’ll know the car.
i have driven it up to my parents house, near aberdeen, for a wee holiday and have been having a great time with it so far!
look forward to meeting you all at some blether or other!
have you managed to sell yours yet?
cheers, fraser.

Purplebug will be looking for a new name, then… :rasp