Got to love the DVLA

Well it seems the camper has fallen at the final hurdle.

DVLA just knocked back registering the vehicle because I require an original import document. So I now have the importer writing to the Customs who will then send me a copy of the same document that I already have a copy of so that I can provide the same info to the DVLA, who then may want to inspect it.

Lets just say that the bug is being MOT’d on Friday in preparation for a weekend in a tent…

Red Tape :axe


Beauraucracy gone mad!
That SUCKS and an inspection really would be the final insult.
:axe :axe :axe :axe :axe :axe :axe :axe
is how I would be feeling.

DVLA - Dickhead Violators of Liberty in Automobiles?
Still, you’re not the only one with a nice Van that’s camping BTOS (Bug’n’Tent Old Skool) style this year…
(Sorry, I’m just in the mood for silly acronyns today… :rasp )

Oh Man!

They always say there going to inspect but seldom do

Hi Rob,

I’ve just imported a camper from Australia. The DVLA wanted to inspect my van because it had two different chassis numbers. When it was originally imported to Australia it had to undergo a compliance test and was given a second chassis number which was fixed above the original one in the engine bay. This number found it’s way onto my insurance docs and the DVLA were very unhappy, they were even threatening to send the police round! After explaining everything to them they just sent one of there own guys round.

Where has your van come from? If it’s got a second chassis/compliance plate number then just make sure you ignore it and only use the German chassis number.

Good luck, the van looks great.