Halloween n all that...

How spooky

Had been looking on the site over the last couple of days to see what the general response was to my post (wild camping etc…) and was just about to reply tonight as I thought Kev’s map was a touch of ingenuity and brilliant… then the thread disappeared! Any clues…? Did I/could I delete it with my dodgy mouse that keeps jumping around all over the place?!

Also… while I’m here, does anyone know where I could find a second hand - main diesel (injection) pump (AAZ 1.9 turbo for golf or pissat 1991-94). I hope I sound like I know what I’m talking about here.

Worst case scenario question and hope it’s just a pipe but have spent most of this morning on the phone and getting no where fast but hacked off. Any help would be really appreciated.


PS if I get around to membership (which I will) and get to add one of those random quotes, it will be pure and simply “why don’t things just WORK!”

Hi Mandi

The map has been moved over to the members section. The page is hosted by me at home and I was told that its not a good idea to put out private web url on a public forum. I will PM the link to the map if you can’t get to it. I am planning on getting some hosted space and will have new url soon.


I Have a few diesel pumps that may do, any chance of a pic of the old pump to match it? Is it a TDi or a turbo diesel. Other pumps can be made to work too…