who’s coming along to this,
19/09/2007 Extra Blether
get the vw ready for the weekends camping with a wee warm up run.

aye min

just us then cisco :smiley:

i might join you :smiley: ill be there around 9

hopefully be there not sure yet
ashleigh :smiley:

we’ll be there in the honda again

couple things to do to the bug but ill be there in something

its a definate from me to now,wot time though does every1 meet?
ash :smiley:

Ill be there for 7, want to take some pics for my insurance

fifers at the layby before the bridge for about 6.50pm?

See you there (at layby) :smiley:

i’ll hopefully be at the layby, if not will see you’s all at the hawes.

ok see u at the layby or at hawes
ash :smiley:

see you all there, not staying for long but will show face