Hello from a very flat four

It’s a long time since I had 1600cc pushing me along but after buying a little fun speedster recently (with a very flat four) I find myself looking for more power and someone local to help me achieve it. I’d consider having a performance engine built from scratch but as an interim measure I want to do as much as possible to get a few more HP. I’m going to post in the forum with a bit more description and hope someone can give me a little advice on where to go next.

Best regards


Hi and welcome

Hi Alan,
Welcome to the forum and the club. You’ve achieved your first 5 posts now. Why not come to the club bleathers and meet some of the guys? We meet on 2nd and 4th Wednesday every month. We meet at The Steading at Hillend on the second Wednesday and The Hawes Inn on the fourth Wednesday, both at 8.00pm.

Hope to meet you sometime,


Hello Alan like Andy said come along to a blether and some of the boys can point you in the right direction.


Welcome to the forum Alan