Hello from Dundee

Hi, I’m a long time vw fan, but just bought my first oldie, a 1970 beetle convertible called daisy ( not my choice but it kind of suits her. Been dreaming of owning one since I was a kid watching herbie and never got round to it and seen her while browsing the net, fell for her charms and next thing you know it’s hire a trailer for a run down to englandshire and she’s now tucked up in the garage.
Might be a mid life crisis, might just be about time but who cares. I’m here now.
Hopefully I,ll get through to a meet up at some point as I generally love the vw mentality
If anyone is around the Dundee area, I’m happy to have a mini meet in the sunshine, she’s not coming out in the rain if I can help it 😊

Hi and welcome

Hi welcome in 👍

Welcome to the club. Keep an eye out for meets within the Forum pages or follow us on Facebook for updates 👍🏻

Hi. Welcome in - I’m down the road in Dunfermllme with a 68 Ghia. Would be good to catch up at some point. Alan.

That’d be cool. One of the places I want to take her is St. Andrews for a photo shoot with nice backdrops, be nice to get a meet and maybe some nice photos of them together. They’d make a Bonnie couple 😊

Welcome in I’ve also got a convertible beetle. It’s a 72

I just tried to post some photos but they appeared as links. be nice to see yours, couldnt see any on the rides section

Hi welcome to the club look forward to meet you at one of the events