Hello from Edinburgh


We have a 1971 Type 2. We bought it, on a whim, 2 years ago, named it Sprocket, had great fun for a few months then magically achieved another kid (the next youngest is 9…). Sprocket sat still, and sad, for a year.

Normal service has now resumed and we think we have the start of a plan of what we want to do. I will involve quite a few posts on here and hopefully meeting some of the group members.

I was delighted to see the Steading Inn is uses for meeting up, it’s a very short walk from my house!

The van needs quite a lot of work (rust, electrics and handling) but it’s running and I look forward to learning loads.

Right after this I am about to write another post in the hope of getting some help on an electrical issue…

In other news - it say’s I have 1 message in my inbox… but I can’t see how to find my inbox…


Hi Chris welcome to the forum.
The next meeting at The Steading Inn is this Wednesday night from 7.30pm
You see where it says “inbox” next to (1new) ? Click on the word inbox

I’ll come along for a bit on Wednesday and look sheepish.

Regarding the inbox issue - that was the worst case of user error in the world. Sorry!!


Hi Chris . Welcome

Welcome to the club Chris

Welcome in Chris

Hello Chris, welcome to the xlub. I hope we can gelp with your Sproxket. Otherwise I hope you can make it to some of the club events and meet some of the members.