Hello from yet another newbie - Edinburgh

Hello everyone

Been a member of the club for a couple of months now but just getting round to a first post now. Am looking forward to getting myself along to a meet at some point soon.

Have a Golf GTI but, more to the point, am looking to get my first camper van, a T2. I grew up with Beetles and so have the whole air-cooled thing in the blood!

I’ve been hunting for a T2 for a while and recently spotted this one for sale: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/274067390434?ul_noapp=true

What I’m looking for is something that’s reasonably sound bodywork-wise, though I’m not afraid to do a bit of work on the interior and mechanicals if needed. I’ve been sent lots of photos of the underside of this particular van and wondered if there was anyone I could share them with for a quick thought on whether there was anything that set the alarm bells ringing? I would be ever so grateful if that was the case. The reason being the van is in Bristol so a very long trip if it’s something that I take one look at and think ‘no thanks’!!

Thanks very much, and look forward to meeting some folk at some point soon.


Hi David, welcome.
The van looks great in the pics. But your right to be careful. Definitely a lot of horror stories out there.
You can send pics if you wish to info@lvwc.co.uk and some of the committee guys can take a look.
It’s possibly worth getting a AA or RAC vehicle inspection I’m sure they do them.
You could also check the vehicle history like MOT online see what it’s failed on in the past and make sure to check those areas for good repair.

Hi there. Thank you so much for the reply. It’s a bit of minefield out there so that’s all good advice. Will certainly go off and do the MOT check now… Cheers!