Hello, I'm new here

Just wanted to say hello - I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and buy my first car and I’ve my heart set on a beetle. Am currently working my way through the “How to keep your VW alive” guide and Hayes Restoration Manual and taking a night class in car mechanics. Oh, and saving hard! Do you have any other recommendations - books or videos - that might help prepare me for buying a VW? And can anyone recommend how I start looking for one (private sales, specialist garages?) - it’s all very exciting but pretty daunting at the moment…

If it helps, I’m looking to drive my car around the city and would have to use the on-street parking by my flat. I really want my car to become my hobby too, although I wouldn’t want to attempt any major restoration! I’d also love to be involved in VW club events. Thanks for any feedback!

Firstly, welcome to the club dolly, I would encourage you to join up, there are a number of benefits in joining, including plenty of free advice. With regard to your plans rest assured you are doing the right thing by buying and reading those books, I did the same myself years ago. Coming to the point though, I recommend you save up and buy the best car you can get, particularly if you are not interested in restoring one. The choice of car will effect how much you have to save. It is always cheaper to buy a minted car for a bit more money than buy a mediocre car and repair it. Even small things can add up. It is well known that restoring a car will cost more than buying a mint one, just ask some of the club members! so the question is what car to go for. If you are looking for a daily driver that will have to sit on the street, you may wish to avoid very early cars. For a newbie a late 60’s, early 70’s car would be a good start, because it will be tax free. I personally like to avoid 1302 1303 models because of there additional complexity and desire to rust bady in the chassis, but many like them as a good one will drive better, each to there own though. £3000-£3500 should buy you a good late 60’s early 70s model, preferably one thats either totally orginal or one thats had a body off resto (with photos to prove), If you buy a car like that you should have a gentle pain free intro to beetles. Buy cheap and you’ll end up spending more in the long run. Before buying I would recommend the car is looked at by a club member or a reputable garage ie John Forbes. Its so easy to miss problems when you dont know what to look for. Finally always have some money spare to spend on potential repairs should they arise. All this is just a fraction of the advice you could get if you join the club

Hi Keith, thanks v much for your message and tips. I will definitely be joining. Am very grateful there are people locally who are willing to share their experiences! Cheers…

The next club meeting is on Wed 12 Oct at the Flotterstone Inn, nr Penicuik, from 8pm on, come along.

Yeah, come along in whatever vehicle you can. You can eye up the vehicles that other folks’ turn up in and try to decide from that what you want or don’t want when it comes to spending your own money.