I just bought my first camper van a month ago. Having a few teething problems but getting there. It is called Ally Bally in memory of my wonderful husband (Ali) who died 2 years ago. He always wanted a camper van and used to bend Jigs’ ear about it all the time. So along came AB and my daughter and I could do nothing else but buy him. I am a total novice, got no technical knowledge at all, but conveniently live in the street where Jigs’ mum lives (so he is so getting bugged every time I can’t work something out).

Haven’t been away in AB yet but can’t wait till Spring next year. Had quite a few trips so far though. One particularly fabby one to St Mary’s Loch with my mate.

Anyway, hope to meet up with folks soon


don’t worry, be happy :slight_smile: wave.gif

Welcome and I am sure you will receive all the help you need with keeping Ally Bally on the road.

Hi welcome

I think I’ll be avoiding my mum’s house for a while then!
Welcome to the club.

Hello Jane welcome and come along to one of the blethers .

Hi Jane,

Nice to have you on board. You might like to join one/some of our cruises next year. We meet up and show off our cars and vans as we drive along holding up all the traffic. We like to think we are getting people to chill out and remember yester year when things were a bit more sedate and life was lived in the slow lane. Most others think we should get off the road and let people get on with rushing about.

I am sure you will feel the experience real soon, but it is more fun with lots of us so team up in the Spring and have some fun,


Hi - I also got my first van - 1988 T25 a couple of weeks ago and I am so clueless it’s embarrassing ! But I hope to meet loads of lovely friendly people here to help me get on the road 😀

You’ve come to the right club. Welcome

Hi Jane I’m new to this too - see you on Wednesday I hope biggrin.gif

Welcome in Jane.

Cool hopefully see you Wednesday Janr