Hello everyone,
I’ve been really happy to get to a few Wednesday blethers recently and it was great to be able to bring my Beetle last week. I’ve been in the area for almost 10 years and it has taken some time to get both the car and myself sorted, to put it mildly. Getting to Biggar last August was a really great move. I got right back into the VW scene and joined this very friendly club!
My Beetle is a 1970 1300, which I have owned since student days… the very far off year of 1995. It was my ideal car at the time - well restored and looked after, but with very little truly original so I have always felt that I can adapt it freely. It carried me daily for over 10 years then when I moved north, I finally had a garage and the intention of dealing with bodywork issues. The years 2006-2010 were marked by a rear-end shunt, an increasingly busy home life then an engine blow-out on the Forth Bridge, ironically on the way to the Hawes Inn. That combination of events basically kept the car off the road until about a month ago.
After a lot of work, it is as good as I remember it ever being, sound metalwork all round and a recon AR engine that is still running in on its 2010 engine oil… due for a change in a hundred miles or so. I’ve got a Kamei front spoiler to fit and I would really like to fit some bucket-style seats with head rests.
I’m keeping the car in a large barn near Musselburgh, which has space for one or two other vehicles, so if anyone is interested in some dry accommodation, just ask!

Hi welcome in

Welcome to the forum Geoff good to finally get to see the bug last week!