Big thanks to Ni for telling me about the forum, nice to meet you and your good lady.

And Hello.

Yay! Welcome to the forums! :smiley:

For the other members, we met at Bus Stop Ecosse while the rest of you were meeting with the Kingdom Klub (probably).

Dubbedup is a splendid chap with an excellent Diamond Green '58 in a resto stylee (and a cool silver Newbie, too)… but I’ll let him introduce himself properly.

Cheers mate.

You should try and make it over Wednesday nights to Gregg’s it’s not usually as hectic and it’s a good chance for a cup o tea and a chat about all things Vee Dub…

Here is a early pic of the car not long after getting the engine back in, so the back end is sitting a bit high, but you get thejist.

Should hopefully be on the road, end of the month, and be ready for Bug Jam :smiley: