Help - Bay window door cards wanted

I need a couple of tan /neutral coloured bay window door cards or a contact for a local car trimmer/upholsterer. Can anyone help

you could try to make your own one’s up?

if you make your own cards up i have a number of a good trimmer and then you can choose a colour

Do them yourself, Get ready made cards from justkampers and cover in a thin layer of foam then any material you fancy. I did my own easy peasy!!! PS think also jigs may have a number for a guy that his mate Si used for his bay and he was a good price!!

yeah im on the case for this one trying to get the number from my mate, he got the full set of cards for his bay, back and front and all the kick panels ect, ect for 180 ish and they are good quality. will post number up in a day or so when i get it

Ordered cards, vinyl and foam from Spirit of the 50’s for £33. They make them up with welded seams for £65 but they are too busy at the moment. JK charges £30 just for the cards. Just Kampers always seem to be more expensive than everyone else.