HELP need a camper

Hi there, have been looking for best part of a year for a camper, keep losing out on ebay. In Scotland keep finding project vans for too much money. Is anyone looking to sell, or knows of anyone or anywhere to help me out.


there was this 1 for sale not long ago,not sure what its like

or you could call greg at bus stop eccosse and see if he knows of any for sale(hes a nice guy) his website is rather than put up his mobile number


I’m just about to import a couple from Oz. Happy to make one of them yours if you like. Looking at about early spring for delivery. Price will be between £4k and £7k. Tell me what you want.

Know a man with a '81 needing work but he says he wants to do it up but may sell if you wave some pound notes at him.

As far as I know, this Camper in Fife is still up for sale:

Yes - it needs a bit of work, but could be restored to mot standard at least for under £2k ?

That sounds great, do you have a number I can call you on and we could have a chat? Thanks