Help on roof fittings

Hi there,

I have a 1972 Convertable beetle. The soft-top roof is badly damaged and I’d love to get a new one made.

I’ve been to a coach fitters who have said what I actually have is a beetle with the roof cut off! The roof fitting is very odd, held on with press studs at the back. I have what I believe to be an original roof but it’s very badly damaged along with the frame (which turns out is incomplete and missing some brackets (to hold the frame on at the sides) as well as the screws at the front left and right on top of the windscreen).

Does anyone have anything similar that they could take photos of so I can see if I can get a metal engineer to replicate? Can try and send photos if it helps.

Thanks in advance, Christina

It would probably help if we saw a picture of your car to see if you have a geniune cabriolet or a roof cut bug like a paris conversion or similar.
@mark has a cabriolet so he’s the guy to speak to and check out framework.

It sounds like a Paris roof conversion if your roofs been cut. You should be able to get a replacement if so. I have a karmann roof, let me know if I can help

Thanks for coming back to me. Hope these photos help. Thanks again.

That’s not a geniune vw cabriolet, looks like it could be a wizard kit going by the fibre glass back end. I’m not sure if you can get roof for them or if you’d need a trimmer to make one.
Looks cool :+1:

:cry: wee bit gutted I don’t have an original but do love her completely!! She is so cool and drives amazing. Anyone you can recommend for a trimmer ? (Also excuse my ignorance, what is a trimmer?!).

I’ve loved beetles since the love bug but knowledge of cars is less than zero!


Trimmer or coach trimmer someone who does upholstery/roofs on vehicles.
There’s 2 i can think of Ramsey at loanhead or d Hannah at mussleburgh

The good news is you have an old roof as you’ve mentioned which if fits good can be used as a template for a new roof.

Looks like a wizard bug to me :+1: