HELP stuck auto stick

I’ve just got an automatic golf driver, which i think is ace. However after running about in it tonight , the stick is engaged in drive and will not budge. This means it cannot be started. Anyone know what to do, was planning to use the car tommorow to go to work. Hope it just needs some ATF, but knowing my luck with cars lately, who knows. All advise would be grately recieved as i’m well in over my head with this one. :think Will check fluid levels in the morning fingers crossed :thumb:

linkage siezed or stick damaged?

Dunno, Know nowt about these gearboxes and cant find any reference or fault finding on internet. Think there is electric solenoids controling the movment of the stick, so you can only start it in P or N with your foot on the brake pedal. But it’s stuck in D and won’t budge, so could be something broken like you say, but what I just don’t Know. I need to get to the bottom of this as this is my only transport and my dads not to chuffed at me borrowing his car. Any help would be gratefully appreciated :think Maybe i should post a REWARD for quickest answer to solve the problem as this is really making me sad because I like the car and don’t want to get angry with it

What have you done to my poor car?

Seriously though it should just be a case of holding your foot on the brake for at least a few seconds, pushing in the button on the stick with your thumb and moving the stick.
Check that the “T” handle has not come loose, it’s a bad design and that car seems to have had several in it’s life, there shoud be an allen key for it in/near the ashtray. I just made sure I kept my had on top of the handle as I changed gear just in case it worked loose.
I did once have a similar problem when I first got the car trying to use “1st” and “2nd” but it shifted with a bit of a tug once the car was stopped, never shifted manually again and forgot all about it.
Might you actually be in “2nd” as with all autos the gear selectors never seem to quite line up.

Hope you have got it sorted by now.


We had an '85 Golf Mk.2 1.8 Auto many years ago as Diane’s car.
Ran fine during our first year’s ownership, but then the over-complicated zenith carburettor vacuum pipery started causing a few problems.
Basically, the idle was too high - about 1150 rpm instead of 850 and it didn’t like a gear being selected at those revs!
I couldn’t adjust it down enough and when engaged in ‘Drive’, it kept wanting to lurch forward at rest. It lunched brake pads pretty quick too!
Wasn’t really a stuck shifter problem so I don’t know if above is of any use H. Got shot of it soon after the daily driving of it became a pain tho…

there should be a wee button under the cover in front of the stick that you can press with a pencil to free it…

or maybe thats just in mercedes!!! w00t.gif

Cheers guys, it’s now fixed. It was stuck and the T handle was loose. Anyone got a tee handle for an autobox as this one has wornout and won’t tighten any more as the grub screw housing just winds out the handle. wonder if they did a replacement aftermarket alloy handle :think

I thought it would be that.

If you read through the service history it has had many replacements, it a crap design.

If you never pull up on the gear lever and just rest the weight of your hand on it as you select a gear you’ll be fine.


Yup thats what i’m doing, plus being super gentle on the selection helps. The return spring went on gearbox arm, which in turn returns the throttle, don’t think this was helping the gear selection as it was idling a bit high, It was an easy fix though, only took a few minutes to rework the spring and make a new end biggrin.gif
Found an interestin article on changing over to manual on the mk2 golf site, looks to be a bit of work, but may be worthwhile in the future if MOT goes well :think

Hi Jim,
The other golf that I’m breaking started off life as a 1.6 auto, but I converted it to 1.9TD using a complete mk3 front crossmenber including PAS.
It was pretty easy, I parked both cars side by side, removed the front panels and swaped over the entire subframes, engines, struts and all, using a trolley jack.
Even the mk3 gear linkage worked and most of the holes are there for the gear stick to bolt in. Clutch pedal and cable just bolt in.
Auto stick isolater can be unpluged at the centre console and the starter wires jumped together.
The swap to me a weekend, a lot of which was setting up the wide track front suspension!

Though don’t be to hastey the auto actually works quite well once you get used to the idea.