due to a virus i had to reinstall xp on my home machine. unfortunately i have lost the driver disk for my sound blaster. i’m fed up only watchin and not hearin porn.
the last driver i had was Avance97. cant seem to download anythin off t’internet without gettin massive firewall nonsense.

Got a Creative driver on CD if ya like, or god knows how many freebie drivers on my PC mag free discs - if that’s any help…?

that could do the trick.
some IT genius me.

Any progress wi the sound card driver Dude…?

Is the sound card built into the motherboard? IF so what model of board is it? If you take the case off and look between the PCI slots (white expansion slots, where you would stick network cards modems etc) the model number is normally written there.

If you get this will make getting a driver easier as you will be able to get it off the motherboard manufacturers website. If its not built in my bad, but I did a quick search for it and can only find motherboard specific drivers or dos ones. If you get stuck give me a call and will try help you out.


Your sound card is working just fine. Something’s made you go deaf!

Alan - 2007-02-28 10:42 PM
…Something’s made you go deaf!

That’ll be the Limekilns & Charlestown Rock Society evenings… :lol:

sound card is not part of the motherboard. should/could open the pc to find out its manufacturer but, bein a lazy shit, i cant be arsed. last driver i had fo it was Avance97. dunno if that makes sense.

p.s. i’m just back from a night out where my mate was cryin in a boozer. so much so that our landlord even phoned him (3times) to make sure he was ok.

Ok this appears to be a generic AC97 driver, so should work.
Download this, on my website so shouldn’t be any firewall/spyware issues:

Extract using winzip or similar (make sure you keep folder paths). Goto where you extracted it to and double click setup.exe
(Assume you know how to do that? I’m used to dealing with people that don’t know what end of the computer to sit at :o)

cheers for that stu. works a treat. i’m due you a beer for that or will it be a caramel log or three?
i’m crap at all the software stuff, gimme 100 computers, a couple o routers and a few hours with active directory and i’m right at home. ask me about windows and i’m lost.
damn computers, should really get my mates 10yo to show me how to really use a pc. :smiley:

Alan, Can’t believe you’re so worried about no sound on your porn. Have you got no imagination? Just think back to …oops sorry.

cheers geoff, been tryin to block that out for the past fortnight.

who would’ve thought that i was “hot stuff” in the eyes of the mature lady? :smiley:

who would’ve thought that i was “hot stuff” in the eyes of the mature lady?

well there is no accounting for taste. and what’s this lady business :huh:

sorry, i shall rephrase the eyes of a the mature lady…:
in the eyes of a blind, 39yo munter wi no morals and low self esteem.

No problem :smiley: