heya just joined

heya people, i just joined today :o) so hello!! so what does everyone on here drive?? I have a mk2 golf at the moment but am looking to give it a little more grunt in the near future.


Welcome to the funny farm, I have a '70 1200 beetle that I drive about in. Hope to see you at the next blether.

Hi there

ive got a 72 cabrio beetle,its at the health farm at the moment plenty needing done but it will get there i hope


Welcome along…

I run a bug and a bus…

Well run is quite a technical phrase.

Sometimes push is more appropriate :stuck_out_tongue:


An Audi A4 1.9TDi and this green thing on the left!

ive got lots of bits of beetle in my garage that as far as i remember makes up a hole one :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hi ‘martymcfly’!
Didn’t I see you in a DeLorean the other day (June 23rd, 1947)? :lol:
When not dreaming of ‘twenty gigawatts of power’ in ma V-Dubs, I make do with a proven 98 BHP in a modified 1302S Bug, and a wee bit less in a Splitty Van that should be back on the road next year… :slight_smile:

hahaha ya might of seen me in the beast aye hahaha. Any ways boys where bouts are you all from??? And have any of yous every done any kinda work on a mk2 golf?? because i ahve loads of stuff in my hut just now that i am goin to put in after the year and i wanna try and find out if there wil be anyone i can ask questions bout stuff.


Martymcfly1. I drive a Corolla :frowning: Technically not a VW, but I claim previous ownership :D. The person to ask about Mk2’s (Here’s me doing some dobbing in) Would be Nick I think.



62 Hitop Split, 70 1300 Bug, 4.7 litre Jeep Grand Cherokee and a Megane Scenic (well it’s the wifes really). I think that’s everything.

71 Bug (currently for sale), 70 fastback type 3 (currently languishing in the garage with electrical problems), 88 passat (currently freezing with no heater - oh how I love scraping ice off the inside of the windscreen).

All part of the fun I guess!


do any of you guys know of a good carb tuner??? the best place i have heard about so far is a place in motherwell!!! its a bit of a trek aint it! there si bound to be somewhere closer to home???

Car Tuning Clinic at Abbeyhill? used to do the biz, about 400yards from Holyrood Palace.
It used to be that you didn’t pay unless you were happy. I haven’t been there for a while.
Its always fun to see your car lashed down and doing full throttle runs.