Hi all, newbie

I hope to see you all at biggar. i went with my boyf (now fiance) last year and really enjoyed myself. this year we’re camping on both friday and saturday night so lots of alcohol this time.

as my name says i dont own a vw (anymore) i own a vw substitute, well a SEAT anyway, Arosa to be exact. I’m actually member of a SEAT website (www.SEATenthusiasts.co.uk) and there is a huge Scottish following with loads of meets and events. we go to knockhill for trackdays which is open to all VAG owners and loads of other meets- bbqs, ten pin bowling etc

i was planning to try and get a small gathering of SEATenthusiasts but they have planned a bbq on the same weekend.

anyway hope to see you all there.


Welcome, VW substitute. Come along to Biggar, I’m sure we can covert you back to VWs. if not, it will still be a great weekend.

hi alan, lol, i really do want to get another vw bug or camper for a project and summer nights etc. i still need me car for every day use. i love going to biggar for vw. let hope the weathers good like last year :slight_smile:

SEATs aren’t VW substitutes at all. They are a good thing in their own right!
They share the VW family DNA and, ahem, often look better than their German cousins!
Look forward to seeing you at Biggar.

seats rule from a vw fan a vw but cheaper i cant afford a vw gti but can a seat. the best fun i aver hadddddd

…and their names are pretty cool too!
Leon, Cupra, Cordoba, Altea, Alhambra, IBIZA!
Put yer hands up in the air - reach for the lasers - safe as fu… :slight_smile: :rasp

lol, yeah i drive the baby of the family, the arosa

See you at Biggar I hope.

i’ll be there friday, saturday and sunday.
I finish work friday so hopefully car will be polished and gleaming by the time i get there.