Hi all, rejoined

Hi, I used to be a member in the early noughties when I had my beetle, now i have a new air cooled baby thats driving me mad, off the road needing a steering bush.

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Hi Paula welcome back !
That looks like a lovely aircooled you have there !

Did you have a blue beetle back then?

Hi jigs, thank you, yes I did indeed have a blue beetle back then.

My memory isn’t so bad after all !

Wow, lovely looking car, welcome back.

You should be able to order one online and get it delivered or try euro car parts along turnhouse road. There back open.

Thanks Mark, have tried all over the place, everybody in uk has sold out! Have now ordered one from Ireland and one from America so will have a spare. I havent been able to find a suitable c-clip.

Thanks for welcome, yes you have a very good memory. Mine is rubbish, I remember a few faces, chair manufactuer with lovely lilac Milka coloured beetle, a young one lived near Bridge of Allan, another i think was called Jamie and chap from South Queensferry plus the girl who used to shoot birds off the runway at Edin Airport!