Hi from a newbie in Moray

Hi all

Thank you for letting me join. I have owned a B reg high top for the past 3 years but my partner’s health now means that it is not the right vehicle for us. If this is acceptable I will be looking for advice on how to sell it.

Hi Eddie, and welcome. Can’t help with the sale question - I’m useless! :slight_smile:

Hi Eddie
Welcome along, sorry to hear your selling, I would just try the usual T25 forum etc. And local ads is always a good idea and of course eBay!

Hi Jigs
Thanks for your reply. What do you mean by the usual T25 forum? Where do we find this?

Try club 80-90
And there are also a few T25 groups on Facebook that are definitely worth posting.

Welcome in,

There is also a for sale section on the forum or our Facebook page. You never know might sell locally