Hi Low Suspension


I have been looking for a place that could adjust my passats hi low… nobody seems to have a clue when I call places in Edinburgh! I have the spanners to do it but no place to lift the car up…

Does anyone know of a garage who could adjust the suspension for me…?

and the car is very low so might be a problem to get it to a lift…



Is car running coilover suspension? If yes, can you not get a jack under it and do it yourself?

I think they are… haven’t done it before… easy?

yeah jack corner up and take off wheel. If it has Coil overs it will have two large nuts locked together with the spring on top of them. Split the nuts with C-spanners (if you have them) and screw the top one up. Remember and measure how much you increase it. then lock the bottom nut against top one and replace wheel. drop and adjust again if not happy. Do opposite side the same amount.
It may be worth soaking them first with WD40 or something as they get full of crap and are a pig to adjsut. If they are a cheap make they may even be seized and not easy to adjust without removing whole strut.


see nuts in green under spring, those need split and used to adjust height. Those are the spanners you should have to move them.

Spot on guide. Wind the platforms down and the springs move down lowering the car.

If you count the number of turns and do the same number on the opposite side (same axle).

Dead easy to do, just make sure the car is stable before swinging on the spanner.