Hello I have just re joined the club I was a member a couple of years ago. I have a 1970 LHD 1200 Beetle in pastel white with one previous owner. The car had been in Serbia and Germany and was owned by a lady with extreme OCD who wrote in a book everywhere the car went with times and dates even going in to details of how much petrol was used!! I have this book. Car has covered the equivalent of fifty odd thousand miles as the speedo is in KM.

I decided to take the car off the road and started a strip down. I took everything out the inside of the car and saw that the floor pans and heater channels were like new! I re painted them and the car only had welding at the battery tray. Unusual for a Beetle! I have since put new carpets in as well as decent underlay and sound deadening. Re upholstered the seats etc. Its like new inside. The car also has all original panels including the front clip with chassis plate and paint code intact.

As a bucket list job I decided to take the engine out as there was an oil leak. Once out I saw that the gearbox input shaft seal was leaking as well as the crankshaft rear main oil seal. Over the last few months of hiding in the garage I have now completely stripped the engine down to the bare bones, split the cases etc. I intend to fit all new bearings, camshaft, lifters, clutch, valves etc etc.

I stay in Bonnyrigg and have various tools that may be of use to members feel free to contact me. I myself will be needing a crankshaft gear puller tool soon so if anyone can help let me know. I am happy to help anyone with their car and more than happy to lend out tools. I will keep you updated with the progress. My phone number is 07801283843.

Thanks again Mike

welcome back mike

You have been busy Mike.
It was a great beetle, now made even better by the sounds of it.
Hopefully see it back on the road soon.

Yeh Volksfling in May is my target as not a cheap venture.


hows it coming along mike? any pictures of progress?

Welcome back wave.gif

i have the gear puller you’re looking for. trouble is i’m in fife. if you still need one perhaps i could relay it to you somehow.

Apologies for late reply. I am just about ready to put the case halves together. Fitted new gears to crankshaft and big end bearings. Torqued down however a couple of them seem stiffer than the other two? New camshaft bearings and main bearings fitted and slotted in. Ordered Permatex from e/bay. Maybe need a second opinion but would like to have another eye look before case halves go together?

Cheers Mike

Got pictures however not a clue how to post??

Thank you!! Got gear off with heat and a big hammer!! Fitted new one.

Thanks again


guide to posting pics http://messageboard.lvwc.co.uk/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=7728&posts=2&start=1

or if there small in kb’s you can post them directly “attach file”