now where did i leave my wallet… :think

can anyone lend me a tenner im a little bit short…

There is no rust - where is the fun in that.


Tonys was almost as good as that. sold now however. Went doon south last week.

I’m not bidding, saw a small run on the lower cab door hinge… :lol: :lol:

:smiley: Lovely Van alright - just a bit outta my league at the mo…

(Darling - do we really need to live in a house?
Awww, C’mon love - we’d have a Van each and campout on Limekilns Pier
when we’re not away travelling the rest of our lives…)

Like the pics, but I LOVE the sales pitch!!! :lol:

"I’ve gotten numerous inquiries as to the selling price of this car.
Here is the answer: “œWhat does a new car cost?”
Answer that question and then you’ll know. A new car has the following:

  • New upholstery * New carpets * New sparkplug wires * New pistons * New seatbelts
  • New radio antenna * New tires * New bushings * Paint Job From God * New Gas Filter

This bus has all of those things. It’s a 2007 1961 VW Bus. It costs what a new car costs.
But which new car? We’ll find out. Based on the price.
The difference between this new car and some other new new car is that the only person who really cares about that
other new new car is the salesman who sells it to you.
Drive off the lot and you just kissed $10,000 good-bye.
You’ll blend into traffic with your No Name Any Car.
Your kids will get excited, of course. (Bless them.)

But you have sunk your cash into a depreciating asset.
The value that a restored classic like this brings is as follows:

  1. The car is lowered slowly off a flatbed that brought it from the shipping dock to the front of your house.
  2. You Get In.
  3. Your Turn the Key.
  4. You Are A God.

Wait: Maybe I’m understating this experience: THE WORLD BEGINS TO REVOLVE AROUND YOU.

I don’t know. Maybe you’ve never had the experience before.
You drive down Main Street on a Saturday Morning and the reflection of your turquoise 23 Window spills through the sunlit
corner coffee shop, causing the literati at Starbucks to forget what they were saying and look out into the street.
Kids press their noses against the windows of the shops they’ve gotten lost in.
Grown men step out into the street to get a better look.
Some teenagers (boys, no less) give you the thumbs up.
Some girls point to you from the curb.
They run up to you when you park, asking if they can look inside.
Yes, you say. They can.

If you haven’t ever had the experience, you may not be able to understand it.
It’s only a car. It’s just a car. But it is imbued with four decades of shared experiences.
Four decades of GOOD shared experience. Peace. Love. Doobie. Brothers.
You can become a corporate peacenik in your own home town.
The new horn you own demonstrates your decision to now tread lightly upon this earth: “œNeet! Neet!”

Go ahead: buy that Lexus. Be sensible. Grid lock was made for you.

But if you want to get waved through the intersection more times than not, if you want to watch lanes of traffic part for
you like the Red Sea for Moses, if you want your pristine Germanic Love Sub waiting for you at the curb instead of buried
deep in the lot by the valet parking guys, and desire that sly, hand-written notes are left for you beneath the wiper blades
on occasion, then you may seriously need to think about the value of your car purchasing buck.

I’m not saying this bus will give you immortality. Oh, no - I’m just saying that if you buy it, you’ll never die.

There’s a difference…"

GENIUS!!! :smiley:

(Wonder if he works as the ‘dream seller’ Lindisfarne sang about…)

I mean like - no cooker. WTF