how much

how much would people say i should be looking to be saving up for a camper then? this is sort of a follow on from my last post. and by the way seamonsta i read your post about your old rusty camper and i was just wondering if it was still for sale?? or has it been sold?
anyways thanks you are all very helpful on this forum and i have registered but i have not been sent an email with my pass word yet?
cheers joshua gosling


Price is dependant on quite a few factors, but mainly, which model you want (Split, Bay, Wedge) and obviously the condition. Checking out the classifieds in many forums will help you get a feel for the price vs condition, but at the end of the day you have to really see them in the metal to get a good idea. The other thing is how much of a project do you want it to be? a tidy up job or full resto to orginal. Basically you pay accordingly.

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hi thanks very much hally i have been looking at website for about 2 weeks now and i am just starting looking in msagazines and on ebay but i am not to sure about ebay. but hally do you know seamonsta email address so i can email him please
thanks josh
also i still dont have an email and i have checked everywhere and i still odnt have my password :frowning:

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Check your email now.

ok i will do when i can log in but seamonsta is your T25 ‘Explorer’ Camper still for sale well everything apart from the interior which someone has allready got?? and does anyone have any pictures of it or one like it?
cheers josh

nope i dont have my password yet just checked my emails
:frowning: joshua

could it be possible that your email address is wrong?

send me an email to from your email account.

Kayaking dude,

Just to let you know I looked at Bob’s Orange camper (see classifeds) 4 months ago on the intention of buying it and starting a project, He wanted around £900 for it and after looking round it i decided not to bother (pics make it look loads better than it is, Sorry Bob). If your after a project that needs basically every panel front nose included replaced/repaired and has a fair amount of interior missing ie original seats etc then you may get it a little cheaper. I’ve been to see loads of them and for around £1000-1200 your looking at serious projects. for £300 your looking at an engine only :wink:
Wen’t to see a nice orange van at ratho station at weekend i was told about, looked nice but the £7k asking price for this bay was a bit much for me!! Its kind of gave me a reality check and i’ve now given up trying to find a reasonable mot’d runner for £1.5-2k.
If it is a basket case to fully restore your after keep an eye on ebay, there’s plenty there and you’ll see what prices they fetch for each condition.

hi purplebug do you think he would take £500 for it and how much would you say you would have to spend on it to get it looking good and the van i am looking for is something i can work on and learn as i go through the project. and the engine working is a must and it has to be able to drive away from where i buy it :slight_smile: and do you know where Bob’s Orange camper was based like where in england and what was wrong with his camper??

his camper is in scotland just outside Edinburgh

His van was in davidsons mains near silverknowes, give him an email and he’ll let you look round it. The van is not drivable as its got a damaged gear box but he said it was to be repaired soon ( he also said that when i visited it!!) Be prepared to replace atleast, front panel(rotten when viewed from under dash, both front arches,both doors, tail and maybe engine lid. rear arches,sills, outriggers and corners etc. Has a good sliding door if i mind. Front seats are not original and its not got full rear camping interior. You’d best give him an email and look for yourself. it could be put on road as a rat look fairly easy but if its a full resto your going for be prepared to spend probably £1500 on panels alone first and if you cant weld that again to have them fitted. We didn’t even get it running so it may need engine also!!! Maybe someone here will assist you to have a good look at bobs van and they can explain whats needed and how much you’ll pay to restore. You could ask Bob to pre-MOT it to see how much it would cost to get it road worthy as it won’t be able to be driven home without one.
Also a good thing to do is price up parts from the likes of or coolair etc and see the costs that way. I’m not trying to put you off but to restore a van in that condition i would expect to spend at least £8000 and that would be doing loads myself, this would be for a good restoring job with engine rebuild. Thats why I gave up on that idea just now :wink:
My idea now will be to save up and buy someone elses hard work and personalise it to my standard. An easy cop out i know but a lot cheaper in long run :smiley:

have a look at this £195 and its yours

I was looking for a camper for about a year until I finally got one. People kept telling me to find one with as little rust as possible, don’t worry too much about the mechanical condition of the vehicle as most things can be fixed fairly easily. I think this was good advice.

Once you start to look at replacing panels and welding up rotten chassis the dollar soon adds up. I’ve owned a few Landrovers and every year the welding bills got higher and higher. I eventually got fed up and bought one with a galvanised chassis!

I eventually came to the conclusion that the only way to find a rust free bus was to import one. I can put you in touch with a guy in Australia who may be able to find you a van. You could probably get a good van for around £4000 with the exchange rate being so favourable at the moment. You’ll pay another £1000 on top to ship it over. For around £2000 you could pick up a tired van with faded paint and a tatty interior BUT NO RUST. There are middle men out there that buy vans from Oz, USA and SA then import them and sell at a premium, I looked at this option for a bit but decided they were making too much of a profit! Having said that it does cut out allot of worry and hassle with the importing.

Whatever you decide to do stretch your budget now and buy the best you can afford.

I’ll be going back to Australia at the end of September. I plan to be keeping an eye out for Beetle and Buses either whole or parts. I may also be doing part seached by request. I’ll keep everyone posted, but this will not be my sole income so there may be some delays. Basically don’t expect me to get a part if you need it for the next weekend. :)… I will also be happy to be a delivery intermediary for the club for ebay purchases if need be.


Now your letting yourself in for something!

What an excellent offer, I’m working on my rust-free list just now…