I want one of these for Xmas

If the world doesn’t implode and I still have a house and a job at Xmas then I want one of these.


My 40th is looming … and think that is top of my pressie list!!!

Cool, then I saw a model of a well known Indian Restaurant with nearly four times the pieces!

£80 quid for a lego car THATS MAD

Thats nothing…it was £350 for the Millenium Falcon!!! all for plastic bricks.

Lego has always been expensive. We went to Legoland in Windsor last year. We got a deal including 3 night accommodation and entry to the park for 2 days for £400 for the 4 of us which I thought was pretty good. We then spent about £200 on Lego. Wasn’t the cheap holiday we thought in the end. Was good fun though.