I'm back

Hi guys,

I had to go back to Portugal for a long time, but now I’m back and want to put my beetle on the road again. Currently it has no MoT and what needs to be done is:

  1. Find a spare wheel -> I know next to jack-shit about cars (call me a whimp!), that’s why I bought a beetle because I thought it wouldn’t be hard to maintain. So… I took a look at the wheels in the car and the Pirelli P700 195/50 R tyres are mounted on 8-spoke, 4-lug wheels similar to these - http://www.blimpvw.com/vwwheels.html (the one on the top left). Because it is just a spare wheel that I want, I was wondering if there is one of those emergency wheels that would fit the car - if not, where best to get hold of one of those I described?

The wheels have the following engravings - MB 2555/F


                                                         H2 E22
  1. Sort out the left door top hinge -> the part of the structure where the hinge is connected to the rest of the car has gathered some rust and now it is very difficult to close the door. One of the first things I thought when I bought the car was having suicide doors in it, the other was to repaint it in a more “decent” color. So… I guess that the work to be done in there won’t be too difficult, but repainting it in the car’s color will be a pain - is it time to fulfill my wishes? Where best to do the welding/repaint job?

I took a look at the sticky thread with the links, but some of them were outdated and none was from Scotland. Is there anybody that can do this type of job? (I suppose so!! But where are they? …near edinburgh, preferably!)

Thanks for all your help, and sorry for the long post!!



Hi there, welcome back to Scotland I’m sure you’ve been missing the weather!(Not)

For a spare wheel I’d say your easiest thing to do is just find a standard bug wheel with a usable tyre on it because it’ll be the only thing that’ll fit in the spare wheel well under the bonnet! I’d say that someone in the club will have one kicking around somewhere??? By the way, you don’t actually need a spare wheel for your MOT.

For you door hinge prolem / painting try Sam at PFP, he’s got loads of experience on beetles, he’s baced in newtongrange near dalkeith, give him a call on 0131 663 4819.




I contacted him and although he doesn’t do suicide doors, it looks like my beetle is going to have the door sorted and a new paint job soon. Thanks for the info!

As for the wheel, a regular one won’t fit the space under the bonnet, because of a modification done by the previous owner - and because I don’t like to go around without a spare whell, I’ll have to put it behind the front seats. I know, I know, ugly, but in the future I was looking to adapt a tyre “holder” to go just behind the hood. Nice and tidy.

Does anyone in here have a spare wheel that I can have? Preferably cheap? :slight_smile:

Also, I want to become a member of the club, but I’m not really confortable with using internet transfers. How can I become one then?

Thanks for your help,


You can join the club at one of the blethers.
Good old cash is still accepted.

As for a spare wheel, there are other options.
You can get emergency tire repair/inflate in a handy glovebox sized can these days. :smiley:

i have a spare wheel kicking about you can have

Super! Many thanks!

When and where can I collect it?

Went to see Sam from PFP today but didn’t think the bus would take thaaaaat long. When I got there it was closed, but I peeped through the gates and I could see an awfull lot of aircooled machines in there!

As for the blether, I’m currently without a daily drive. Is there someone that can pick me up from Edinburgh?



get your self to the pc world car park and im sure you could get a lift from there to the flot.

Thanks for the guys that pointed me towards Sam. Top guy.

I’m going to have the car MoT’d on Friday (hopefully) and repainted in December. I guess I won’t be needing the ride to the blether after all.



i’m 5 mins past sam’s in gorebridge just mail me or msn when you want to get it cheers

Thanks, I’ll e-mail you after the MoT of my beetle!

Can’t wait!


I guess I’ll be needing someone to take me to the next blether. The beetle failed the MoT spectacularly. sniff sniff!

Anyone knows a garage that can do welding (two small spots) along with other minor things and be available in the next week to do so?