Improving the handling on a baywindow

Has anybody fitted a heavy duty anti roll bar on the front of there bus???

Or fitted the rear anti roll bar on the rear of there bay???

If you have!!! Are they worth the effort and did they stop your bus handling like a Citroen 2CV ???

Also is there anyone who’s done dropped spindles to lower there Bay wndow and how much hight drop did you get from them???

Just looking for a mix of good handling without banging on the bump stops when loaded up with camping gear???

I’ve just fitted with the help of Scotlandstu a RED9DESIGN lowering kit. This replaces torsion beam suspension with height adjustable coilovers. The ride quality can also be adjusted. The handling now is great and it can be thrown into corners without fear of rolling over. I’ve also dropped the rear 1 spline to level it out a bit. The red9 kit was bought second hand for 140 quid delivered and new its about 360ish.

Yeah Martyn,

Red9design has some very nice stuff but it works out about a £1,000 to drop your bus using all their gear??

this is the type of suspension that I,m looking for ie. better handling with comforable ride full of camping gear?

Just can’t justify spending at the moment as I’m in the middle of building a house and it sucks up more cash than I would like to mention…

Beefing up and adding the extra rear anti roll bars is only about £180 and dosn’t change to much on the bus?

Just would like to hear from more people thats tried going down the road of improving the handling on their bus to hear more about the pitfalls as well as the costs and the amount of time the work involved???

Many thanks …Justavan

Justavan - 2007-05-01 1:20 PM

Red9design has some very nice stuff but it works out about a £1,000 to drop your bus using all their gear??

How a 1000 quid? the kit is not that dear! Mine was second hand at 140 delivered. :think
My van handles nice now, looks ace and will still get rammed full of camping gear!! There really is no cheap way to help a bays high wind wondering bar lowering and uprating. The cheapest option is to get Wagonworks to do it £300-£325 front and rear but don’t get me started on that one!! :axe

The red 9 stuff comes up quite often, watch out on volkszone, or put a wanted advert up…

I got mine second hand for £120 delivered (although dad picked mine up from a show down south)

Is easy to fit, did mine by myself in about 7 hours and helping Martyn about 4

Mine is lowered a bit more than Martyns (2 splines rear to level with front running 17" alloys) I just went down to santa pod for big bang with a couple of mates, lots of beer a heavy awning and all the rest of our gear and an additional type 4 1700 in the back without a problem

Yeah guys your right,

Just checked out red 9’s web site and it’s £560 for their full lowering kit … don’t know what the postage would be?

But after hearing from you guys I’ll try and pick them up second hand like you guys have done as every buck is a prisoner untill the house is finished??? Can’t stop the misses from having a shopping spree if I spend that kind of cash on the bus when to quote “you don’t realy need it” Try telling her that when the shoe shops having a sale???

According to the red 9 guys you have to do the back end with their kit or your bus doesn’t handle worth a dam???

I take it thats not what you’ve found to be the case with your own buses then???

I’ve never liked cutting and turning front beams as it is a bit hit and miss as to what hight you end up with??? and this line of enquiry resulted after big Slobbo Rob Cambell fell off the passenger seat the last time he was in my van? So just have to stop the lean over in my bus going round corners, or tell big Rob to stop trying to jump on my lap while I’m driving???

Let us know if you see any for sale posts for this stuff??

thanks a lot for the info guys anything else on the handling greatly welcomed…


Driving a Bay? - just chill, you don’t need handling!

Beautifully juxtaposed Mr.M, but Eric crossed over to the dark side ages ago and I pretty much sided with the Sith when I bought my van too! :slight_smile:
Could it be you have a well maintained stock suspension and have learned to live with the pretty well sorted ass that bears you? :wink:
Nowt wrong with a good front axle cut, turn and weld job either! :wink:


Eric you mis-understood I wanted to end up in your lap…Not really - your too skinny, old and wrinkly for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

OK Rob,

What kind of fellar is your type then ???

Back to the subject of improving handling on a baywindow???

What type of tyres are reckond to be good in the wet???

As I just had a couple of scary moments on the way up to the Steam Rally at Baladoe…

I reckon because I’ve got 185’s on the front ,and 195’s at the rear if created a bit of understear on the bus???

Anybody else driving a similar tyre combination???

Let us know what you think???

:think :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you need to read this stuff :

(as posted by Sam in another thread)

However, 185 width up front and 195 out back isn’t an inherently bad set up in itself - it’s more to do with the age, condition, quality and balance of the rubber you’re running just now. Rear engined VW’s can benefit from different width tyres front & rear, and Porsches are designed that way. The section about Porsche ‘N’ rated tyres in the Tyre Bible (above) is very interesting!

From personal experience, many years ago I was driving around with a set of 185/R14C van tyres on stock Splitty rims. The tread was nice and deep and I thought they’d do me a few more years! However, one trip to France and back killed them as the sidewalls cracked and the treads deformed. They were over 15 years old! That’s when I got a nice set of Empi 5s and decent brand modern rubber. Night and day!
I also got the original steel wheels reconditioned and fitted with new Hankook 185/R14 ‘reinforced’ (light van) rubber as I liked the idea of a ‘winter’ set to save the Empis from corrosion. Turned out these were just as good for handling and grip as the Good Year 195/65 R15’s I had on the Empis!

Then again - you might just have hit a few greasy patches in yesterday’s lousy weather… :wink:

Brand new tyres all round … Vanmasters at the back and cheap Kenco’s up front?

now that I’ve read Chris Longhurst stuff I’ve got a better idea what I need in the way of tyres?

Thanks for that one Seamonstar :smiley: