hi guys does anyone have any tips as far as the best place to get insurance for my1973 bay window.cheers, how much do you people pay for theres roughly?

Remember, how much people actually pay will depend on things like whether it’s classic car insurance, possible limited mileage, possible agreed value, penalty points on license, their age, no claims discount, other people insured on their policy etc, so might not be as helpful as you might want.

That’s not to say that some recommendations won’t be useful, though. :smiley:

I can’t help you though, I’m afraid, as my Bus is currently off the road. :frowning: So I’ll be as interested in the replies as you! :rasp

It’s really a case of shopping around and comparing the quotes they give you. Absolutely tedious job I know, but we’ve all gotta do it! By phone is usually better than online for ‘classics’.
Some will include agreed value, modifications up to a certain value/power threshold, low excess, event cover, legal expenses and breakdown recovery with a higher premium and others may give you cheaper quotes with less extras included.
Most companies dealing with VW’s advertise in the VW press, so get a Volksworld magazine or something.
HIC / Volksworld (Herts Insurance Consultants) prices are usually ok to me, but it can take ages before your call is put through to an advisor if you want to change something on your policy later on! :huh:
As for actually making a claim and getting back what you think you should - I’ve read all sorts of horror stories from other forums…
Forget about the ones that advertise on telly though - AA, Churchill, Esure, Elephant, Privilege, Direct Line, etc. are only really interested in bog stock modern cars & drivers over 25. Besides, their adverts are so cringeworthy and annoying (every bloody ad break!), I virtually refuse to deal with them. :axe
However, for starters, why not try the four weblinks Ni put in the ‘Useful Links’ thread ages ago (second top of ‘General Discussion’ page) and look under ‘Insurance’…

i currently pay around £183 for mine. thats for me and my lady fully comp, 8000 miles a year, parked in the drive, with one sp30 and full no claims.


i just used got me and the other half insured for £250 fully comp inc breakdown cover, full valuation cover for van etc. 1 sp30 each 0 no claims bonus. thought it was ok. tried your usual insurance companies. direct line admiral etc and they jsut said no straight away

I use CIS for agreed value of 5.5k with roadside assistance and it costs me about 34 a month. They are very easy to deal with.