Introducing myself...

Hello all,
Was very pleased to join in the fun at Volksfling (am I right in thinking that this replaced the Doune Beetle Rally?) last Saturday and it was made even better now that my fiance and I have just taken ownership of our first genuine air-cooled VW! It was great to see the LVWC stall and I was glad to be able to meet some of the members and join up there and then.
After many months of looking (starting in March 2015) we’ve happened upon a rather unloved ‘L’ reg 1973 Bay window bus. The bus has spent a few years languishing in the car park of a student block around Sciennes, prior to this it had been making its way North from Nottingham. Having spotted ‘Felix’ whilst I was walking home from work, we were the first to answer the ad and on inspection he looked solid though in need of a bit of TLC. The previous owner informed us of his mix up in a relationship breakdown, this being the reason for his looking to find a new home - and since the owners’s split (14 months before) he had not been moved or even had his engine turned over. We offered to take him into our care there and then, and after a few days with Mo at Roseburn Garage he has a shiny new MoT and is driving well despite his period of apparent acquiescence. So, what next? Well, in time we’d love to learn how to care for him ourselves. I’ve purchased a copy of John Muir’s guide (I’ve been told this is good!) and I will be making my way through many cups of tea as I get to grips with the intricacies of air-cooled (and classic VW) maintenance. Advice from the experienced will be essential and I look forward to joining in with the club members for the monthly meets. For now though, it’s just nice to be driving to that flat-four tune, reminds me of childhood days spent as a passenger travelling North and South in the back of my parent’s Beetles.
Hopefully see you soon!

Hi Ross
Welcome to the club, good to meet you at the weekend looking forward to seeing the bus

Hi welcome in

Welcome Ross

Welcome to the best VW club Ross 👍🏻