Is there somewhere in Edinburgh...

that sells engine bay seals for type4 engines? I’d rather pick one up than wait for somewhere to deliver. Seems to me that there are far fewer places to buy aircooled stuff in person up here these days. :huh:

have you tried euro out at turnhouse road you may have to order it but when you order stuff its usually in by lunch time the following day their phone no is 0131 317 9898

Yeah, I figured they might not have some stuff in stock but it’s worth a try. Is that all that Edinburgh has these days?

Actually, neither Euro in Edinburgh nor GSF appear to have the engine bay seal I need on their respective sites so I guess I’m going to have just do an internet order from JK or similar and wait patiently.

Cheers, though. :smiley:

You could always try John Forbes, I’d put money on him having one on the shelf!

Ah, cheers. I’ll give him a call in the morning! :smiley: