is your old bug or bus still on the road?

follow the links and you might find out its now a different colour,engine size etc

click vehicle enquiry then next etc and type in the reg number

have fun

I thought I’d put in my Bus… the details are wrong and out of date. :huh:

I put in an old car of mine that I knew was scrapped… no record. Expected. :slight_smile:

I put in my baby-benz… all present and correct. :smiley:

I put in the Samba, recently featured in VolksWorld, that did the Gumball 3000… no record. :o

I know they often use false plates but… wtf? :mellow:

i just tried it on my car and the wifes and it showed all the correct details then i tried it on my first car which was scrapped about 15 years ago no record as expected :think

Handy! Shame it doesn’t give Vehicle model / bodystyle / current owner etc. but i guess the crims would use it maliciously if it did… :zip

Just wasted half an hour on this, good fun.
Interestingly there was a Beetle in Edinburgh years ago with the plate “V2”. Its still allocated to a 1192cc Volkswagen.
All my vehicles check out OK, even the mothballed ones.

Yay! My Bus is now showing up correctly. :smiley: