It's Official "I'm Stupid" !

Tonight I was intending to go over to Bus Stop Ecosse and pick up a few parts. I was zipping down the M8 thinking about a post I saw about how flakey 1st gear can get in T25 5spd boxes. I got off the motorway and started hearing “Thump Thump Thump” getting louder and louder. I stopped first of all thinking I had done tyre. Nope not it. I started getting really concerened thinking it was a Cv or gearbox issue. Called the RAC 2.5 hours later the guy comes. Tightens the rear left wheel nuts and leaves. Talk about egg on the face :o Big lesson learnt there. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). Missed catching up with Greg and now I am at work fixing some other stuff that I was supposed to be doing earlier in the evening.

S’OK Simon - happened to me years ago with Eva.
Had some new tyres put on at a ‘Smiley’ centre around 1992 - the wrench monkey didn’t check the bolts after a quick zip up with the air-spanner. All five bolts started to unwind in town at an alarming speed and I pulled over in time to find about two threads on each bolt holding the wheel on! Luckily, it being the offside front wheel and me sitting right over it helped an instant diagnosis. It could have been different had it been a rear wheel tho…!
Nowadays, at most tyre centres, another fitter checks the bolts after the original one’s put the wheels back on. Sometimes they even use a torque wrench (and even know the correct setting for the vehicle!), but I still check 'em myself nowadays - can’t trust anyone else… :huh:

The big worry is I can’t trust myself :frowning:

Don’t be too hard on yourself.
Everyone makes that mistake, or one very like it, at some time or another.
No one was hurt.
Serves to concentrate the mind!

I could tell you some hair raising stuff I’ve forgotten to do/check or just plain done wrong.

I was starting to count the pennies. Hmm do I have another gearbox that I could use…Maybe that motor just has to go :smiley: