jigs anyone

framehead head jigs, not you mate, made you look though.

ahhhhh baws fannies crap pants

got my 66 chassis , floor pans are solid frame head are solid but i believe that who ever put them on has not used a jig or not used it right and its about a 1cm out. which by the time it gets to the wheels is more like 3 or 4 cm . which is not fecking good, so now before i do anything with the chassis i’m going to have to take it of and line it up right, its worth doing as the rest of the chassis is great and it is a 66 .
does any one have a frame head jig i could have a shot of to fix said problem. any other advice is welcome has anyone done this relacement before I’m aware its bit of a c**t to do right but it has to be right to be safe never mind anything else .

No i cant help :rasp

burn the welder that done it first time… your dub will crab

I have a 67 Beetle, you are welcome to come and measure the chassis if that will help

lets hope it wasnt same guy who done yours