July Cruise

Yup were heading towards the next one on 13 July. I guess some will be on holiday, but if not join us at PC world car park Corstophine at 7pm for the summer cruise. THe G8 summit will be over be then so hopefully the cruise will be straightforward along the familiar route, through Corstorphine, to Haymarket and the west end of Princes St, then up Lothian Rd, through Tollcross, Mornigside, then out to Flotterstone Inn for 8pm.

have to pass on the cruise and blether, on holiday for a week, will make the lothian/fife blether the following week.

have fun

No meetings for me this month, I’m off on holiday in a few hours, see you all at the next one, toodle pip!

have a good holiday mate

I’ll be there folks - hopefully this weather will hold up for us

Does anyone here mind having their vehicle photographed? My girlfriend’s brother has been doing a bit of car photography (he’s studying photography) and I suggested that he might want to get some arty detail of the cars at the cruise if people don’t have any objections.

It might help if I knew which cars were okay to photograph, though… :smiley:

Edit: Bus still at Greg’s so I’d be coming in the… erm… car. :huh:

ni - 2005-07-11 11:44 PM
Edit: Bus still at Greg’s so I’d be coming in the… erm… car. :huh:

im planning on coming but bugs also at gregs,maybe i will have it back but if not will be car for me 2 :mellow:

Bummer - won’t make the cruise cos of work :huh:
but hope to make it to Flotterstone before it gets dark…