Just back from Peppercorn

What a buzz. Fantastic show with some brilliant vehicles there. The drive there and back were torturous. We left Friday at around 10am from East Kilbride way and got there at about 2 am the following morning. A break down (points gap) lost us 2 hours and then a tailback just north of the M25 lost us another 2 hours. The way back was just as bad. We had to stop in Leeds to pick up a pair of Saab seats so it was a bit of a detour. We left at 2:30 in the afternoon and got into my bed at 4am. Man am I tired. Next year it’ll be down on Thursday stopping overnight around half way and leaving late Sunday and stopping somewhere on the way. The weather was brilliant in fact too hot. You can see some pictures at http://homepage.mac.com/kombiman/Peppercorn/

some great pictures,the blue and cream splitty was my fav

liked the red with black,someone suggested that for yours,anymore thoughts after that show?dont think the pink one with the daisys would suit :lol:

Red and Black it is unless I have a massive change of heart.

Red & Black - suit you sir! :smiley:
Especially as the Saab seats with funky red belts look so damn good…

Can’t wait till I get the carpets in now. Should I paint the cab black, red or white?