left hand drives

Hi All

been thinking of selling my bug and buying a karmann cab,wife says no! but hey anyway lots seem left hand drives,ok i know its on the other side but anyone had much experience with lhd?pedals are the same so im thinking you would get used to it quickly
other option apart from uk rhd would be conversion,any ideas on cost?ball park figure?


I had a LHD 1303 many years ago - never found it a big problem, except for overtaking in UK!
RHD conversions done properly by professionals can cost over a grand, but it’s possible to do it yourself. Best try and buy RHD cabrio in first place. Also, some insurance companies aren’t too keen on LHD…

found the receipt for my car getin converted from lhd to rhd in the mountain of paper work i have for it.it was done in 1995 in bournemouth.
in total it was £950 thats including a second hand dash and labour etc…
if you got one and got it converted you would probably get your money back for it when you sold it anyway.
its just getin it done thats the problem…

cheers pee j
problem is im unsure what i really want :lol:
quite fancy this
obviously would need to see it and location couldnt be further away but after speaking to the guy hes spent a fortune around 10k on it and sounds mint just not sure if i could “borrow” the extra cash till i got my bug sold

nice bug.not my cup of tea.
defo worth 6k it seems

like i said i dont know what i want :think


more your style mark
hehehe :o

thats lovely pee j but why are you selling it after all the work,time and effort you put into it? :lol:

wouldnt be that bad a bug if they hid the engine and changed the colour of it.and maybe everything else about it